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Hassle-Free Vet Visits & Travel Cat Carrier

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Top 3 reasons to try our cat carrier:

✅ We offer a 30-day warranty for risk-free trials & easy returns.

✅ Your cat carrier will be delivered in 2-5 business days.

✅ Large enough to comfortably fit two medium or one large cat.

5 Stars

As soon as I put this carrier together both my cats became very interested to check it out. One is a 12lbs. big girl and the other is a fragile rescue about 8 lbs. It turned out to be the perfect carrier for both. Now, I leave it open all the time, as it’s become their favorite napping spot. also, I loved how the carrier features roll-up sides so the cats can see out or close them for more privacy. The vet visit was breeze, making the trip stress-free for both me and my cats. I’m thrilled with my choice of this elegant gray carrier. Its construction is top-notch, providing sturdy bottom support. I would definitely purchase it again!!” – Kathleen S.

Hassle-Free Vet Visit Cat Carrier

Never Stress Again as Your Cat’s Vet Visit Approaches

Drawing on years of expertise and invaluable customer insights, we’re thrilled to unveil our Hassle-Free Vet Visit Cat Carrier. This innovative carrier is set to redefine the way you manage cat travel, vet appointments, and all forms of feline transport. Aimed at removing the typical stresses these journeys entail, our deep understanding has led us to create a carrier that not only makes these journeys smoother but also brings a hint of modern sophistication to your travel experiences.

Key features

Step into stress-free adventures with the Hassle-Free Vet Visit Cat Carrier, designed for your cat’s peace of mind.

Airline-Approved with Secure Under-Seat and Car Fit

Airline-Approved with Secure Under-Seat and Car Fit
This airline-approved carrier ensures hassle-free cat travel, fitting neatly under seats or securely on a car’s rear chair with the shoulder strap looped around the headrest for extra stability.

Ultra-Durable Fabric and Claw-Resistant Mesh Sides

Ultra-Durable Fabric & Claw-Resistant Mesh Sides
This carrier is constructed to stand the test of time. It features an ultra-durable 600 Oxford fabric, reinforced ventilated mesh sides, and a soft, cushioned machine-washable lambskin liner at the bottom.

Double-Entry Design for Effortless Cat Loading and Comfortable Travel

Double-Entry Design for Effortless Cat Loading & Comfortable Travel
Equipped with both top and front openings, this cat carrier offers unparalleled ease of access, addressing every cat’s unique needs. This system reduces the stress associated with loading and ensures a peaceful journey for both you and your cat.

Collapsible and Lightweight

Effortlessly lightweight & collapsible for ultimate space saving
The cat carrier’s lightweight design ensures easy transport and its foldable structure allows for convenient, space-saving storage when not in use.

Upgraded Auto-Lock Zipper and Reinforced Hardware

Upgraded Auto-Lock Zipper & Reinforced Hardware
Equipped with an auto-lock zipper to prevent unintended openings by cats from the inside, this carrier combines smooth sliding, high-quality hardware, and a durable, wear-resistant buckle for secure and reliable protection.

Adjustable and Padded Shoulder Straps for Easy Carrying

Adjustable & Padded Shoulder Straps for Easy Carrying
This cat carrier is designed for versatility and comfort, featuring adjustable shoulder straps and handles for dual carrying options. The shoulder straps are padded with soft cotton and widened to reduce weight and alleviate fatigue, ensuring a comfortable experience for the carrier.

17 reviews for Hassle-Free Vet Visits & Travel Cat Carrier

  1. Linda S.

    This carrier is just the right size for my needs. I have several cats of different sizes and needed a carrier for my large cat or for the three kittens. This carrier works for all. The cats love it and I don’t have to fight to get them into or out of it. They enjoy being able to see out of it so easily. Very well built.

  2. Karlie G.

    Our 15 year old 12 pound cat hated the hard sided carrier so we bought this one and she’s much more comfortable in it. She will even use it as a little house if we leave it on the floor. The mesh sides are very sturdy and the rollup awnings are nice protection from the weather. Couldn’t really ask for anything better.

  3. Barbara F.

    Our large cat fits perfectly into the Gapzer cat carrier. The sides are soft yet the cat carrier doesn’t collapse on her when she was in it. We also used it for our medium sized cat who had plenty of room and liked that he could look out from all sides of the carrier looking for his human mommy.

  4. Sadia Z.

    My male cat took to the bag as soon as it arrived. I opened it up so he could give it the good ol sniff test and get comfortable sitting inside and using it. So far he enjoys laying inside and feels spacious enough for my large part Maine Coone. Will use it this weekend to carry him to the vet and later that week for a grooming appointment. We’ll see if it holds up during the car ride.

  5. Dana A.

    I have a big 20 pound kitty and this carrier has plenty of room for him to not feel squeezed in.

  6. Mary K.

    This pet carrier worked great for taking my 2 cats to the vet. It was sturdy and easy to carry. This carrier is great for the price point.

  7. Becky M.

    I needed a cat carrier that was sturdy, breathable for my cat and made easy to get my cat into. She is able to see out while she is in it in the car, which is a big plus.

  8. Alex D.

    This is a terrific carrier – well made, very breathable, sturdy and great faux sheep skin on bottom for comfort. It has a zipper so that you can wash the “sheep skin” cover.

  9. Rob T.

    This cat carrier will be all I will ever need. Nice for my kitten and large so when she grows will be perfect

  10. Maria V.

    This is great! Not only is the bottom liner cover washable, but the entire carrier is. Just unzip everything and was on COLD. Air dry. Got my cat’s nervous vet pee right out of it. 10/10!

  11. Mia W.

    Was in need of getting a new carrier for my 14lb cat. His old one was falling apart and wasn’t his favorite thing… he absolutely loves this one currently, but we’ll see if that changes when we have to make a trip in it. This is a great carrier for larger cats! It’s taller and roomer and holds it shape much better than other soft sided carriers I’ve had! Highly recommend.

  12. Jim H.

    The size of the cat carrier is perfect! I guess we were using a smaller hard side before and the cat would meow during most of our trip. With this new bigger one, he has enough room to lay comfortably and relax. It has bigger viewing “windows” so the view is better too. So now, we hardly hear him during our travels.

  13. Megan R.

    my cat is about 13-14lbs and quite long, I wanted to find a carrier that he wouldn’t be so cramped in. this fit the bill perfectly and after leaving it out he’s immediately started using it on his own to nap or have a rest! I haven’t taken him out in it yet but I believe he’ll be much more comfortable during our next vet visit or fire alarm!

  14. Deb L.

    Perfect for my cat that grew into a big cat, 14 lbs.. the workmanship and materials are top quality. I especially like the smaller opening that can be up zipped at the end the put your cat in so you don’t have to try to zip up the bigger opening.

  15. Kathleen S.

    Truly worth the money, it’s a winner for Max,he loves it and goes into it without any problems. Plenty of room and lots of ways he could look out. He never liked the hard carrier and it was a fight to get him in, but not this carrier! Thanks for the care you took into consideration for our beloved fur Seniors. The trip to the vet was a breeze!!!

  16. Reb H.

    I really like how lightweight this is and how easy it is to get your cat into. I also like that there are a few different ways to get your pet into the carrier. The handles make it easy to carry and the strap that comes with it can easily be attached or taken off. My cats love it, I leave it out with a blanket inside and one will lay inside and the other one likes to lay on the top. Great carrier for the price and easy to store unlike the hard sided carriers.

  17. Mary S.

    purchased to carry our two kittens and to have enough room to use when they are full grown. This carrier fits them now perfectly. Well made and very sturdy. Our old one was one off the plastic carriers that weighed 10 lbs BEFORE putting the cats into it. This one is so much lighter, but very sturdy and cooler for our kittens. And, unless, they grow up to be really big cats, will be big enough to carry both of them to the vet at the same time. Would recommend. Easy to fold flat. Has lots of screen and ways to cover the screen for privacy,

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Hassle-Free Vet Visits & Travel Cat Carrier

Original price was: $85.69.Current price is: $59.97.

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