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Pure Drink Cat Water Fountain

Original price was: $57.19.Current price is: $39.97.

Top 3 reasons to try our cat fountain:

  • First and foremost, we offer a 30-day warranty with our cat fountain, allowing you to try it risk-free. If you’re not completely satisfied, we offer hassle-free free returns.
  • Your Pure Drink Cat Fountain will arrive in just 2-5 business days.
  • Our Pure Drink Cat Fountain is designed with cats’ needs in mind to provide them with a source of clean, fresh water and encourage healthy hydration habits.

Keep your adored kitties refreshed and content with our innovative Pure Drink Cat Water Fountain! This fountain’s circulation system ensures maximum oxygenation, providing fresher, tastier water for your furry furbabies.

Specially engineered with an ultra-quiet pump operating below 30dB, you and your meowing companions can enjoy 100% sweet sleep without any disruptions or noise.

Featuring a Triple Filtration System, our Pure Drink Cat Water Fountain provides your whiskered buddies with healthy, oxygen-enriched water, nurturing their well-being and vitality.

The Smart LED Indicator Light keeps you updated on the fountain’s working status, enabling you to customize your kitties’ water experience by choosing between SMART and NORMAL modes.

Our Pure Drink Cat Water Fountain is powered by a USB cable (5V adapter not included) and features a replaceable pump to ensure endless hours of hydration for your beloved cats.

Make dehydration worries a thing of the past and provide your furry family with the hydration oasis they deserve. Order your Pure Drink Cat Water Fountain today!

23 reviews for Pure Drink Cat Water Fountain

  1. Kim S.

    I have 2 of these now and they work well. The indicator lights are great. As long as you maintain this item it will last!!

  2. Anisa A.

    We love this fountain! It’s easy to use, clean, & check water levels, plus it’s sleek & quiet. More than we could’ve hoped for.

  3. Amy P.

    my cats love it, it’s quiet and easy to clean.
    I ended up buying two of these fountains

  4. Sam L.

    I bought my fountain in May of 2021 and my 3 cats and I have been happy with it right along.
    We change the filter when it needs to be changed even tho we fill it with bottled water.
    The pump just went out last night June 2023 and I found the exact replacement from the same company for $10, ordered it and remain a happy user.

  5. Emily C.

    It is such a good item to have for your pets! I have two cats that drink a lot of water. I used to have to fill up their water bowls about 3 times a day. With the fountain, up to, 4 water bottles fit, which makes it to the point that I don’t need to refill it for about 2 to 3 days. It also has light, which bothers me in the night, but the good thing is that we can turn it off! It does flash whenever it is time to refill it but other than that, the light doesn’t bother me at all! It is not loud at all but you can hear a little bit of water splashing, but it nothing that bothers you at all. I assembled it in about 2 minutes, which was super easy and the instructions did help. Overall, I really recommend this product, it is very much worth the price!

  6. Sherri W.

    Easy to use and clean. Love it.

  7. Pam T.

    I must have bought at least 10 fountains over the past few years but this one is the best so far. I love the look, easy to clean, and the pump makes zero noise. My cat loves it!

  8. David R.

    This is my second machine. Very satisfied

  9. Ricky P.

    Cats love this! Constantly gather around it

  10. Britta W.

    My cats love this! They took right too it and it has increased their water consumption. I’d go ahead and order some replacement filters when you purchase. Worth the $ for sure and it wasn’t even expensive.

  11. Linda A.

    Let me start by saying that this fountain has been an absolute game-changer for both me and my cat. It is super quiet and has a light to let you know when the water level is getting too low. The price is amazing for the quality you get. It’s super simple to put together, and the water fall design keeps the water circulating, which my fur babies love. I highly recommend this!

  12. Emily G.

    My cats like it, and it’s so easy to clean. Just pull off the base!

  13. Karen K.

    My cat 🐈 loves this waterer. It’s easy for him to get to the water and he even drinks from it when it is running. It’s very quiet and let’s me know when his water gets to low and needs refilling.

  14. Anastasiya S.

    I’ve noticed my cat didn’t drink enough water, she doesn’t like when it is still; I had to change it in her bowl 3 times a day so it was fresh. This fountain is a game changer, the pumping water stimulates her to drink, water is filtered and I don’t need to change it constantly; the kitty stays hydrated and it makes me happy. It is absolutely quiet and safe to leave 24/7. Great buy!

  15. Caroline T.

    Because this is a water fountain, my cat is more interested in drinking water from it than a cup. I have got at least two from them. Great product!

  16. Karina T.

    works very well, i love it

  17. Connie B.

    My cat always wants to drink from the sink, so I got this fountain. I was unsure if he would like it, but after a day he took right to it! It’s nearly silent – you can’t hear any motor humming and you can only hear a tiny splashing sound if everything in the house is dead silent. I loved the color and got the matching green. I just wish this model was wifi so I could add it in my app with the feeder.

  18. Jeanne M.

    Purchased in March 2022- still working in very good condition

  19. Karin C.

    I’ve had a few cat fountains before and this one is by far my favorite. The pump is virtually silent, and it being wireless is very convenient for filling. If the pump turns off because it runs out of water there’s a bright blue blinky light, but usually my cat informs me he needs water before I notice it.

  20. Violet Q.

    I tried a different brand previously and the other brand was hard to clean, set up and replace the filter. This one was so easy! Easy to follow the directions. Easy to replace the filter. Easy to clean. We have a winner! Love it!

  21. Pam K.

    My cat had a kidney infection and wouldn’t drink water out of his bowl. So I ordered the fountain. He looked at it for 2 days (while I was making sure he got fluids in other ways and his medicine) And the 3day, out of the blue, he drank and has been drinking ever since. I love it and love my fur baby!

  22. Sue H.

    It’s easy to assemble and makes absolutely NO NOISE. My water picky cat loves drinking from this water fountain. So, I just leave it plugged in on my bathroom vanity and when he is outside, I unplug it. Sooo happy with this purchase 🙂

  23. Lori

    Every Cat owner should have a fountain for their cat. These have been so great for my girl. Drew drinks so much more often and it’s nice knowing that the water is filtered and fresh. These are so well priced I have a few of them. I also purchased them for my sisters cats. She has a cat who refused to drink water from anywhere besides the toilet for 8 years and for the first time this cat is drinking from this fountain they were shocked. I am really glad this product is available and is also available in different colors.

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Pure Drink Cat Water Fountain

Original price was: $57.19.Current price is: $39.97.

Original price was: $57.19.Current price is: $39.97.