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CatGlamour™ Fresh Cat Breath Chew Toy

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Top 3 reasons to try our dental cat chew toy:

  • We offer a 30-day warranty with our dental cat chew toy, allowing you to try it risk-free. If you’re not completely satisfied, we offer hassle-free free returns.
  • Your Fresh Cat Breath Chew Toy will arrive in just 2-5 business days.
  • Our dental cat chew toys are made with mesh material that gently cleans soft plaque and tartar off your kitty’s teeth as they play and chew.

CatGlamour™ Fresh Cat Breath Chew Toy

Cat chew toys that promote dental health

Our cat chew toys are made with mesh material that helps to improve your cat’s dental health by providing a flossing and cleaning action to teeth and gums while your cats chew. Great for bat and chase play, our cute cat chew toys also contain catnip to engage your kitty during playtime while offering a fun way to improve and maintain a healthy mouth 🌿.

CatGlamour™ Fresh Cat Breath Chew Toy
Fresh Breath Mint Stick Dental Cat Toy

Cat dental toy that promotes positive chewing behavior

In addition to keeping your cat’s teeth clean, the Fresh Breath Mint Stick catnip cat dental chew toy will satisfy their chewing urges and redirect their chewing behavior away from your hands and furniture. Stuffed with dried mint to freshen breath.

  • Helps Clean Teeth
  • Mesh material
  • Contains dried mint
  • Promotes positive chewing behavior
  • Redirects destructive behavior
  • Lightweight
  • Stimulates cats’ senses
  • Helps remove soft plaque and tartar

Key Features:

  • Helps Clean Teeth: Our dental cat chew toys are made with mesh material that gently cleans soft plaque and tartar off your kitty’s teeth as they play and chew.
  • Toss And Bat: Bring out the little hunter in your cat with the Lil’ Avacado Dental Health cat chew toy! This adorable chew toy is perfect for engaging your cat in a playful game or letting them bat and swat on their own.
  • Promotes Positive Chewing Behavior: Whether you have a kitten that’s teething or an older feline that loves to chew, these dental cat chew toys can help satisfy their urges and redirect their behavior away from your hands and furniture!
  • Catnip Stuffed Chew Toy: Stuffed with dried catnip for an irresistible bite from the moment your cat sinks their teeth into one of these cute cat chew toys!
  • Play It Safe: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.


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30 reviews for CatGlamour™ Fresh Cat Breath Chew Toy

  1. Christina B.

    My cat loves his pickle. He stalks it, kicks, bites and plays with it. Probably the best toy he has ever had.

  2. Jennifer A.

    My two kitties love this toy and play with it almost every day even though I’ve had it for months now. They’ve chewed through the netting a bit but it’s still going strong and keeps their interest. Highly recommend.

  3. Lee A.

    My cat adores it, hauls it around in his mouth, it is almost bigger than him, hahaha! My Godsons played football with it, so you know it is durable!

  4. Julie M.

    My cat is super picky. He doesn’t normally enjoy any cat toys, but he does love his minty. He is very rough on his toys he tends to like ripping them, but it stands up pretty well to his attacks.

  5. Kat E.

    My cat didn’t care much about it at first but before I knew it, my cat started playing with it and now I’m thinking I’m gonna need to get him another one

  6. Karlie P.

    My cats really like this pickle! They carry it around and hit it with their back feet when playing. So far its been a big hit – had it for 2+ weeks.

  7. Amy M.

    Both of my cats went crazy over this! They licked and chewed and rubbed on it. A total hit. Going to buy more. The netting around the middle only lasted a couple of days.

  8. Gerardo R.

    I wish it was a little bigger but my cats love to play and chew on it

  9. Sandra H.

    Our cat can’t get enough of it and will play with it multiple times in an hour.

  10. Megan D.

    My cats went crazy for this little thing! They really love it. I’m glad I bought 2 because they kept stealing it from each other, lol.

  11. Pam S.

    My cats absolutely love this toy so much I’ve had to get another haha! I highly recommend and I’m sure they do too!

  12. Leah C.

    This is hands down the favorite toy of my cats, they love this one more than any other toy.

  13. Victor M.

    Bought this as a gift for my friends’ 3 cats. Purrfect amount in the package and they said the cats immediately started playing with them.

  14. Harvey L.

    My cats IMMEDIATELY loved these toys and went crazy! I dont know whats in them (i think catmint?) but they have never gotten so excited and played with a toy the second i put it in front of them. 11/10

  15. Sara G.

    My cats really loved this! It is the perfect size for kicking and bopping around the house.

  16. Linda K.

    I’m so happy I bought this chew toy for my indoor cat. I was relieved to see that my cat actually took a liking to it!! I’ve gone through so many toys that my cat doesn’t even look twice at lol. But not this one! This pickle really is a big deal 😄

  17. Yulia S.

    Initially I was sceptical about this toy – I thought it was rather large in size. But, boy, was I wrong – both of my cats (weighting 11 pounds and 5 pounds) love this! To the extend that they fight for it, so I am getting a second one 👌

  18. Lisa P.

    Our cat loves this toy and all her catnip toys. This one is interesting in that the mesh side helps keep her teeth clean.

  19. Jennifer F.

    One of my cats goes nuts for anything with catnip when she first gets it, then ignores it a day later. She went crazy on this the first two days and even though the novelty has worn off some, she still grabs it and rolls around with it and bites at it. She loves to bite at the mesh side, it must feel good on her gums.

  20. Ray C.

    Our cat chews on them so much, we need to keep replacements handy for when they eventually get too chewed up.

  21. David C.

    My cat loves this pickle kicker! It provides lots of entertainment value for my kitty. It was very durable, until the dog got ahold of it 😕

  22. Deb N.

    I’ve bought numerous toys and interactive toys for our adult cat and he plays with them for a few minutes and then ignores them thereafter. This has been one toy that he keeps going back to time after time. I bought a backup for when he wears it out!

  23. Chris T.

    We all have spent tons of money on a cat toy only for it to be ignored. These were an instant hit. Both my cats took their respective chew toys to different spot and were lost in fun for about an hour. They’re not as interested a few weeks later, but I bet the mint has diminished. I will be getting more.

  24. Sylvia M.

    My cats have literally been fighting over this since it was delivered earlier today. Not sure how effective the dental cleaning aspect is, but I’ll definitely be buying more to keep the peace around here. My calm cat alternately hugs and licks it or lays holding it between her paws and hissing when the other one tries to come near.

  25. Emily V.

    I’ve bought at least 6 of these because both of my cats are OBSESSED. They play with these for hours. They are good quality but if your cats are chewers, you will have to buy replacements every few months.

  26. Misha T.

    These were the 3rd and 4th I bought of this item. Since my two cats used to fight over it, I bought them each their own. Both cats like to roll around with it and chew on it, one cat likes to lie on top of it and rub herself on it. They LOVE peppermint! They used to destroy my peppermint plants. I like that bending it refreshes the peppermint scent, although if you have a cat like my younger one who drowns her prey (toys) in the water dish, the scent can fade or disappear.

  27. Jennifer B.

    My four-year-old house cat expects play time every evening at 8, and he gets bored quickly. These Straw-Babies are the first toys that have held his interest for two weeks solid now, and counting! I toss a Straw-Baby up the stairs or across the room; he hunts it down and brings it back to me. And we do this again and again (and again) until he’s so worn out that his beloved Ms. Strawberry claims she needs her beauty rest. If you have a finicky kitty too, try these toys — they’re for-sure winners.

  28. Patricia W.

    I was looking for something that was mousie-esque to give my picky cat some variety. These were the right size so I gave it a try. He loves them! They’re just the right size, they hold up through his biting murder-fests, and the feathers HAVENT gotten all over the house. Honestly, I cut that maribou stuff off of most toys but these toys don’t shed! Such a great little toy

  29. Alex H.

    My cats love to play with this toy. I specially got it for my cat to chew on since he chews on everything else. I mostly see him kicking it around the house. I’m not sure it accomplishes the goal of a chew toy but certainly a little toy they love to hide in all the corners of my house.

  30. Alice D.

    The moment I brought the item home and placing it on the kitchen counter, my cat immediately went straight to it (he could probably smell the catnip). He was playing with the package even before opening it. After I opened it, both my cat and kitten wanted to play with it. If you have a kitten that’s teething, I recommend this product. Or if you want to buy a new toy for your feline friend, I recommend this one.

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CatGlamour™ Fresh Cat Breath Chew Toy

from $11.97 $21.94

from $11.97 $21.94

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